Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breathless in Badaling or Gasping on the Great Wall!

Our plucky colleague and good mate, Dominic Swire, went above and beyond the call the of duty this past weekend when he participated in the annual Great Wall Marathon.

Dominic Swire

Well, we can hear you say... very admirable for sure since the run raises all sorts of funds for good causes and so on. But what makes his effort so worthy of note that he gets a post of his own on the esteemed Today blog?

Let us tell you.

Dominic lugged his recorder along with him and produced what we all thought was a splendid report - on the hoof as it were. As he jogged along China's historic masterpiece he painted a picture of the event, and even managed an interview with another runner!

All in all a lot of fun, and well worth a listen. So click here for Dominic and Breathless in Badaling, or Gasping on the Great Wall!

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