Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Living with HIV

China has lifted an entry ban on people living with HIV. This follows similar moves earlier this year by the United States and South Korea. So what is it like these days for an individual living with HIV - and how far has China come in respect to the way it regards people living with HIV over the past decade?

Xu Qinduo, Wu Zunyou, Mark Stirling, Chin-Yih Ou, Chris Gelken

Contributing to this fascinating debate were:

Mark Stirling, UNAIDS Country Coordinator in China

Wu Zunyou Director, China National Centre for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, China CDC

Chin-Yih Ou, PhD. Deputy Director for Laboratory Sciences, Global AIDS Program in China, US CDC

Ron MacInnis, senior advisor, International AIDS Society

Among the many interesting facts raised during the discussion:
  • In the mid-90's most new HIV infections in China were from drug use. Now 44% are from heterosexual sex and 33% from homosexual sex.
  • Educating the population of men having sex with men about HIV will be the next biggest challenge in China.
Listen to the complete debate: Living with HIV

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