Friday, May 21, 2010

China's Nouveau Riche!

According to the annual Hurun Report, by the end of this year about 875,000 people in China will each possess at least 10 million yuan – that’s about 1.7 million US dollars – in assets. That is an increase of 6 percent from last year. So what has made this lucky group immune from the global recession?

Xu Qinduo, Patrick Chovanec, Johnson Chng, Chris Gelken

On Today's panel were:

Paul Maidment, Editor of, and Executive Editor, Forbes

Patrick Chovanec, Associate Professor at Tsinghua University

Johnson Chng, Partner of Bain & Company, Head of the firm's Financial Services

To hear what they had to say about the nouveau riche in one of the world's fastest growing economies - how they made their money, how they are spending it, and how they are investing it, take a listen to China's Nouveau Riche!


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  2. This discussion was truly insightful on so many fronts ... how the rich Chinese are making their money and how these channels differ from the West, the changing attitudes toward the moneyed, and many other subjects. Thank you! I'm twittering this now. Joy Chen