Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shanghai Expo-sed - North Korean Pavilion

Another newcomer to the Expo circuit is the DPRK, otherwise known as North Korea. The two Korean characters (조 선) on the front of the pavilion are pronounced 'Chosun' - which how the locals describe themselves.

DPRK Pavilion - Photo: Mary King

Our roaming reporter, Mary King visited the pavilion and got some valuable insights into Korean politics and culture.

Tower of Juche (Self Reliance) - Photo: Mary King

For starters, Mary learned all about 'Juche' or self reliance - the essential political philosophy in the North.

DPRK stamp in this visitor's Expo passport - Photo: Mary King

In a wide ranging report on the pavilion, Mary shared with us her impressions of some of the displays.

Copy of cave painting - Photo: Mary King

Ancient funerary ceramic artifact in the North Korean Pavilion - Photo: Mary King

Mary told us that by pure coincidence the North Korean Pavilion was next door to the Iranian Pavilion. Obviously we should not imply anything from this, other than perhaps the organizers thought that they might be happy to be on the same axis?

For the full report, tune in to Mary King at the North Korean Pavilion!

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