Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thailand on the brink

Thailand is known globally as 'The land of smiles' - but few people are smiling these days as the death toll in street clashes edges higher day by day.

Almost eighteen years to the day since the events of Black May in 1992 - Thai politics have once again erupted into violence in the capital Bangkok. The events this month are eerily reminiscent of those almost two decades ago. We'll be taking a look at the comparisons - and asking the experts what lies ahead for troubled Thailand.

Kan Yuenyong, Director Siam Intelligence Unit Co., Ltd

Col.Teeranan Nandhakwang, Ph.D. Deputy Director of Strategic Studies and Research Division, Strategic Research Centre, National Defence Studies Institute

In our panel discussion, Thailand - The Crisis Continues, our guests pointed out some significant differences between the unrest of 1992 and today's violence. They also expressed concerns that unless a resolution is found quickly, the situation could spin out of control and may even trigger a civil war.

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